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Foreigner registering a Singapore Company 

Common Requirement Questions We Are Asked Of

Below are 3 common questions we gathered from our clients that they always have when comes to registering a company in Singapore. Reach out to us at the top/ bottom of the page if you have any other questions you wish to know!

01/ Requirement

Can foreigners start a business in Singapore?

Foreigners can become directors and shareholders of Singapore company without restrictions.

The only requirement is that each Singapore company must have at least 1 Resident (Singaporean/ Singapore P.R.) director.

That means your company can have as many directors as you want, but at least 1 needs to be a Resident. If you have someone who is a Resident ready to be appointed as director, then you are all go to go. Else, refer to our solution ->

02/ Requirement

Do I need Singapore address for the Company?

All Singapore company must have an address that is in Singapore as their registered office address. This address will be used for all legal correspondences with the government, banks, suppliers, etc..

03/ Requirement

Can I relocate to Singapore to work?

Sure! We understand you will be enthusiastic to swing over and stay in Singapore to kick-start the business of your new company. You can work in Singapore as long as you have an Employment Pass.

Employment Pass (EP) is a type of working visa sponsored by a Singapore company and issued to employ foreign professionals, managers, executives and technicians. It allows the EP holder to work only and exclusively for the sponsored company, live and bring your family to Singapore. EP is initially issued for 1-2 years and may be renewed subsequently.

01/ Solution

You can engage us as your Nominee Director.

If you do not have anyone to fulfill the Resident director requirement, you may engage us as a Nominee Director so that you can go ahead and incorporate a Singapore company.

A nominee director is Singapore Resident who will holds the directors' position in your company. We will not get involved with your business however our firm will have to be engaged for all compliance related services (e.g. accounting, tax, corporate secretary). This is all so to ensure you, the nominee director, and the company is in good order and in line with law.

02/ Solution

We can provide you with a local registered address.

If you do not have a local address for your registered company address, you can go with us and use our address. We will help you with your incoming mails, scan email, and store them in a cloud where you can access them anytime!

03/ Solution

We can assist in your Employment Pass process.

Singapore authorities have increasingly over the years upped the requirements for Employment Pass. It is now more stringent and the authorities are casting more eyes on the applicants than before.

Give us a ring or text at the top or bottom of the page and we can advise on your profile, next steps, and the entire process.

Alternatively, you may reach out to us through:

Whatsapp: +65 8874 5045



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Our 6-Steps Process

We are real passionate people who will support in every step of your journey. Ask anything and you will be sure we will get back to you - we will guide you along, fill up all necessary documents and make the whole process fast and fuss free for you! 


Company Name

First, you will need to think of what you want to name of your company. Get ready a a 2nd choice too in case that your preferred company name is not available.


Send To Us

Contact us through our website or Whatsapp and we will send you all the necessary forms for your confirmation. Send us back the signed forms and we will proceed.


Business Activity

Great! After deciding what is your company name, next you need to determine what type of business your company is going to do. Check here for the complete listing available.



Singapore has strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules. So after we received all the forms and documents, we are required  by ACRA to conduct Know Your Client (KYC) background checks.


Documents Checklist

Next, you will need to get ready the documents and information needed for the company registration with ACRA. You can check out here on what are required.


Incorporation Done

The whole process shall take less than a day after we received all the documents and information. You will receive a copy of your company business profile. Viola, you are ready to rock and roll!


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If I am an EP holder, can I register my own company in Singapore?


If you are an Employment Pass (EP) holder, it means you are employed by a company in Singapore. If this is the case you have 2 options:

1. If you still want to continue with your current job, you can register a new company and be a shareholder only and not be appointed as a director of your new company; or

2. If you wish to leave your job sometime soon after your new company is registered, you can registered your new company and have the new company to apply an EP for you, ie. have the new company to employ you. Once successfully, then you resign your current job.

Can I transfer my EP to my new company?


No, Employment Pass (EP) and its corresponding Dependent Pass (DP) are issued to 1 specific company. That means you can only work for that company/ employer. If your new company is set up already, the new company needs to submit an EP application to employ you to work under the new company.

Do I qualify for an EP?


The current Manpower Authority (MOM) has stipulated that Employment Pass (EP is for foreign professionals who:

1. work in a managerial, executive or specialised job

2. earn a fixed monthly salary of at least S$4,500 (older, more experienced applicants need higher salaries)

3. have acceptable qualifications (ie. good university degree, etc..)

4. good track record and work experience

Reach out to us for a preliminary assessment and evaluation of your profile.


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