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The 3 skills - a startup entrepreneur must have to succeed [Part 1]

1. Disciplined + Dedication


Entrepreneurs enjoy what they do. Their journey is often started by their passion and self belief of their products / services. I have seen many cases where entrepreneurs feeling pumped up and hyped in the first 3 months. Give him/ her another 6 months, that energy level will start to decrease and start feeling demotivated. Why?


- Revenue is little or none

- costs are picking up

- cashflow is not as ideal as what was planned

- owners are overwhelmed with all aspects of a business

- traction and conversion is slow, what is that isn't clicking ?


The above are a surety to happen to all entrepreneur / startup. Self destruction will start to creep in with each passing months. Slowly, the entrepreneur may contemplate on other options, efforts are reduced, feeling vexed, tired, monies issue, etc... You get the point, whether directly or indirectly, the energy level is no where near where the venture first started..This is where after 1 year, a big test of faith and passion, which really is his/her continual self discipline and dedication.


Disciplined, in my opinion, is the most important trait for any successful entrepreneur, for any professionals, for any executives. Having self disciplined simply means you are not wasting time, you are making most out of time. Time, if you do not already know, once passed is passed - you missed it you missed it.


Applying disciplined in the entrepreneurial environment simply means spending time EACH day uninterrupted doing the work you planned/ tasked for that day that period of time. Doing it right, you will find that you are achieving a small step each day but over time it is this discipline that enable you to build a road to Rome; to meeting deadlines; to fulfilling commitments. 


Dedication is your passion towards your business. Dedication will fuel you to continuously find ways to improve the business, to grow the business, to plug operation inefficiency, to do whatever will make the business a success.


Take together self discipline and dedication, they are the cogs and gears that will slowly move the business over the "low & hard" period and towards gaining traction for a better tomorrow.


What are your thoughts on this?