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Singapore Company Incorporation For Singaporean / Singapore P.R.

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Our 6-Steps Process

We are real passionate people who will support in every step of your journey. Ask anything and you will be sure we will get back to you - we will guide you along, fill up all necessary documents and make the whole process fast and fuss free for you! 


Company Name

First, you will need to think of what you want to name of your company. Get ready a a 2nd choice too in case that your preferred company name is not available.


Send To Us

Contact us through our website or Whatsapp and we will send you all the necessary forms for your confirmation. Send us back the signed forms and we will proceed.


Business Activity

Great! After deciding what is your company name, next you need to determine what type of business your company is going to do. Check here for the complete listing available.



After we received all the forms and documents, we are required  by ACRA to conduct Know Your Client (KYC) checks. Singaporean /PRs generally has no issues on this step.


Documents Checklist

Next, you will need to get ready the documents and information needed for the company registration with ACRA. You can check out here on what are required.


Incorporation Done

The whole process shall take a few hours after we received all the documents and information. You will receive a copy of your company business profile. Viola, you are ready to rock and roll!


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We focus on our client experience with us and ensure we deliver practical knowledge to them and their business. This aspect is what differentiate us from other pricing focused corporate service providers.


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At ACA we know that finding the right partner to be part of your business journey is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations and coffee to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget. You can be sure that there is absolutely no obligation from you.




What are the business activity codes (SSIC) to choose from?


An SSIC code search in Singapore is performed to find out which codes correspond to your business activity. 

You can check your business activity SSIC at authorised ACRA website: HERE

Alternatively, you may wish to download the PDF version.

What are the key requirements to register a company in Singapore?


1. Company name

2. Business activity

3. Initial paid-up share capital (at least S$1)

4. A Singapore address as the registered company address

5. At least 1 local resident director (Singaporean or Singapore P.R.)

6. At least 1 local resident company secretary (we will provide a professional for this)

7. No restriction on 100% shareholding of the company owned by foreigners.

What are the documents and information required for incorporation?


1. For each Singaporean/ Singapore P.R. ("Resident") who is a shareholder or a director:- 

 - Copy of Singapore IC and Copy of Passport (if he/she is not a Singapore Citizen)

2. For each non-Resident who is a shareholder or a director:-

- Copy of Passport and Copy of residential address proof (e.g. recent phone/ utility bill)

3. For each corporate shareholder (ie. Company shareholder):-

- Copy of Registration Certificate / Incorporation Certificate;

- Current extract of company particulars from Registrar of Companies;

- Copy of company Consitution;

- Board resolution approving its investment amount into the incorporation of the Singapore company; and

- Copy of the group structure detailing all the companies within the group and its relation.


- All documents in (2) and (3) must be in English or translated in English

- All documents in (2) and (3) must be certified true copy by a notary public if the director or shareholder (individual or corporate) is a non-Resident

- If you are overseas, you can email us the scanned copies of the documents so that we can proceed with the incorporation process.