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Business Registration In Singapore

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Whether you’re a foreigner, a local, or someone representing your company that wishes to set up a company in Singapore or register a sole proprietor or partnership, ACA has a friendly and passionate team of business registration experts who would love to share with you on how your business can benefit from the extensive range of pro-business policies, grants and tax concessions in Singapore.

Singapore Private Limited Company

6 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate A Private Limited (Pte Ltd) Company

 It is the most popular business entity in Singapore as the owners or shareholders of the company have limited liabilities for the debts and losses of the company. 

Limited Liablity

Shareholders are not personally liable for the debts of the Pte Ltd Company.


A Pte Ltd Company is taken more seriously by potential customers, suppliers, and banks.


A Pte Ltd Company is often the only way where banks or investors will lend monies to.


A Pte Ltd Company will exist even if the shareholders die or transfer their shares.

Tax Benefits

A resident Pte Ltd Company has many tax benefits, resulting a low effective corporate tax rate.

Foreign Ownership

It is possible for a Foreigner to own 100% of a Singapore Pte Ltd Company.

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